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TYEKON Technologies is the best website maintenance company in India.We offer wide-ranging services under one roof, starting from website designing, development, and business marketing. We offer web maintenance services in Nagercoil, Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and more.

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What is the importance of maintaining a website regularly?

There are “10” common reasons for maintaining websites regularly. They are,

  • Security updates
  • Plugin Theme updates
  • Content updates
  • Backup disaster recovery
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security Scanning
  • User management
  • Accessibility testing
  • Uptime monitoring
  • SEO monitoring

We always take care of your website by keeping your website up-to-date and e maintaining your website smoothly and we develop optimal growth of your website. The above-given web maintenance services will ensure the perfect and quality-packed work of TYEKON Technologies.



Importance of website maintenance

Frequently updating and maintaining your website is highly essential to make sure that your website is running without any error. Your website and frequent website maintenance will surely increase your website security. Maintaining your website will surely improve your SEO, and your well-maintained website can boost your business to the next level.

Your bad website may affect…

  • It will cost you more money
  • It will impact & badly affect your clients
  • It will heavily ruin your credibility
  • It makes your business untrustworthy among your clients.
  • There is no chance of community binding
  • Your clients may not get a chance to access your website on their Mobile.

Are you looking for cost-effective website maintenance services?

How your web maintenance process can help you in your business?

  • It will help you to manage your business tasks in a scheduled manner.
  • We can demonstrate the return on your investment
  • It helps you to communicate with your customers in an efficient way.
  • It helps you to share timely reports and key details of your business.
  • You can experience easy online promotion
  • You can share your latest news, blogs, and more.
  • You will get a chance to communicate with potential customers.
  • You can generate more leads through the website.
  • You will get a chance to target the right audience in the right way.
  • Your website will also help you to update day-to-day information about your business to your customers.
  • If you properly maintain your website, you will get a wider audience reach due to 24/7 website accessibility.

Make Your Business Shine On TheWeb

Our team will make your website come alive and we design your website with a human touch. As promised, we are the most professional and highly talented web designing and development company in India. So what makes a great website?

  • Highly professional and relevant designs for your website
  • We design your website with easy accessibility features
  • We do optimization for your mobile
  • We always update fresh, and quality content
  • We include all your social media details on your website.
  • Our team will update readily accessible contact & location detail on your website.

What is included in the website maintenance services list?

  • website-maintenance-checklist Repair and fixes your website
  • website-maintenance-checklist Scan for susceptibilities
  • website-maintenance-checklist Site analytics
  • website-maintenance-checklist Monitor site speed
  • website-maintenance-checklist High software update
  • website-maintenance-checklist Browser usability testing
  • website-maintenance-checklist Update regular website content
  • website-maintenance-checklist Search Engine Optimization
  • website-maintenance-checklist Website backups
  • website-maintenance-checklist Maintain website functionality

What are all the special skills we have to maintain your website?

  • check-marksA good grasp of the latest SEO practice tools
  • check-marksWe keep our eyes on the latest SEO designs
  • check-marksAn understanding of website security attacks and how to prevent them.
  • check-marksWe have a special team for completing monthly web maintenance tasks.
  • check-marksWe have specialists to carry out your quarterly site maintenance.
  • check-marksOur team will also do annual web maintenance.
  • check-marksOur team has very good technical skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, content management systems, online marketing, responsive design, user experience, user interface, graphic design, and more.

“Get the most impressive web marketing solutions

What are the things we look over while maintaining your website?

We choose the right website builder

We update your website regularly

We give a great makeover to your website

We review your content

We optimize your website for SEO

We make use of social media


TYEKON Technologies is here to provide web maintenance services on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

A good and proper website maintenance service will get better positioning and ranking. So, in order to maintain a good rank, you need us to maintain your website.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reveal the price details. Because we are unaware of your web maintenance details. You can let us know your work details then we let you know about the price details.

Yes. We will. We provide complete web maintenance services for our clients even web developers are others.

Yes. We rewrite the entire website content without plagiarism. We develop seo-friendly content for the website..

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